Double Horse Camp

Now that school is back in full swing, I’m finally starting to catch up on all the things I’ve ignored or put off this summer. To be honest, July was too fast and just felt weird around here (thanks, Mercury in Retrograde, haha!), so I just floated on through the month. Now that it’s August and the start of school has given our family new life and new motivation, it’s time to get to that “To Do” list!

Part of the “Things I Gave Up Doing” included posting our misadventures, so the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be playing catch-up around here. I’m sure no one will think anything of it, but in case you scratch your head a bit at seeing vacation pictures being posted when we are clearly not in vacation mode anymore, now you know. ;)

So July!

Last summer I crammed our schedule full of every day camp (and even an overnight camp) that I could find. I viewed it as an opportunity for my girls to dabble in a lot of different activities to help us determine what they wanted to pursue during the school year (and the kid-free mornings were definitely a motivating factor). Although it was a good choice at the time, this summer I wanted to have more free, lazy time, so we only sent our girls to one week of day camp. I laid the choices out before E.V. and Cricket — gymnastics, ballet, cheerleading, art, science, nature — and their responses were unanimous: HORSE CAMP!

Since Emma Vance and her two besties were eager to go back to big girl horse camp they attended last year, we were lucky to find a nearby horse camp for the little sisters during the same week. Even though I was a major Mom Taxi those mornings, it was worth making everyone happy. (I’ll take any free time I can get — even if it’s short-lived and means double-driving-duty!)

On Friday, both camps let the parents watch the girls ride, and seeing the grins and confidence on E.V. and Cricket’s faces as they trotted around the rings was everything. (And the annual Horse Parade to close out Emma Vance’s camp was pretty cute, too!)

A couple quick pics during the daily drop-offs…

Cricket’s big ride!

E.V.’s turn!

Horse Parade with (Razzle the Mermaid)

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