E.V. Goes to the Mall

“How old do you have to be to get a Pottery Barn credit card?”

To celebrate Labor Day, Ryan and I decided to take Emma Vance to the mall for the first time, and being the social butterfly that she is, she loved it. She didn’t really even fuss, despite skipping her nap to stare at people and all the brightly colored clothes. All of the sights and sounds and excitement left E.V. speechless. :)

First we visited the ladies at Pottery Barn Kids, of course! (And took a quick peek for some Big Girl Room ideas…which I’m already eager to get started on. I know, I know. She’s only two months old, Talie. Hey, I’m a planner!)

Missy loved holding our little miss.
And then we ran into Miss Pam at Baby Gap…and into some great deals even Dad agreed we couldn’t pass up. Seriously, I think this girl has more clothes than any other baby out there. (But, really, isn’t that the point of having a little girl?)

Pam thought E.V. was sooo smart. (Duh!)
“Daddy, can we buy that?” (The start of a long life of “Whatever you want, dear.”)
Then I explained to E.V. that we were going into heaven next…
“By heaven do you mean Anthropologie, Mom?” she replied. 
“No dear, but that’s very good. Today we’re going into J.Crew.” 
And by the time we were checking out, Emma Vance agreed. “It is heavenly, Mom!” 

Good girl! You’re learning well.
J.Crew made her drool…and by “her,” I mean both of us.
And by the time we got to H&M, she was overtired and passed out, sleeping so hard that she didn’t stir for the rest of our trip.
When it was time to go, though, she was sad–even in her sleepy state.

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