See Ya’ Later, Snow!


Okay, okay. I know, I know. How many pictures of playing in the snow can you take, Talie? The answer? Truthfully? About a million. :) You have to understand, it might be years before we have snow like this in Georgia again, so I feel compelled to take full advantage of the winter wonderland outside my front door while I can.

Today was soooo lazy around here. After finishing up Baby #2’s nursery last night and having worked my way through laundry and dishes (with the help of my wonderful husband!), this morning we all decided to take it easy. Emma Vance slept in (yay!), and when she awoke we made Belgian waffles for brunch. Ryan and E.V. cuddled in bed while I took a few quick pics of the nursery in anticipation of the BIG REVEAL tomorrow, and after a light lunch, we ventured outside. Typically I like to wait until after Emma Vance’s nap to play the snow, but temperatures were already warming up, turning the snow into slush. Our neighbors we already outside, so they joined us in sledding (E.V.’s new favorite sport), attempting to build a snowman (failure) and making snowballs. We stayed out a little longer than usual, even despite E.V.’s insistence that sitting in the snow was worth getting her clothes soaking wet, because I figured this will probably be the last snow day of the season. (It’s supposed to be in the 70s come next week!) The past month has turned my water baby into a snow baby, and she cried when we had to come inside. In fact, she put on a whole, pitiful production — tears and all! She even picked up my giant galosh and mashed it against my foot, shouting, “Shoe! Shoe!” to try and get me to wrap us both back up and play in the snow more. So sad.

Oh, well. Thanks for the fun, Winter 2014. Despite the snowpocalypse in January, we had a great time! See you next year!

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