First Day of School (I Guess?) 2020

2020 *might* not be the best time to spend an hour on the floor of Target in the girls’ section, trying to calm, bribe, cajole, threat and energize a six year-old who is devastated that her first day of outfit requirements include “not the outfit you sister chose,” but that’s where we are, folks. ;) Sigh.

I think the pressure of choosing a one-and-only First Day outfit was too much pressure for Cricket. (I’ve never been more thankful for uniforms in my life. Moms, may the force be with you.) The good news? We survived, Cricket found an acceptable outfit, E.V.’s dream farm-girl style vision came to fruition, and (virtual) SCHOOL IS IN SESSION!

E.V. – Third Grade with Miss Kim (French) and Miss Gou (English + Math)
Cricket – First Grade with Miss Gourdet (French) and Miss Reynolds (English + Math)

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