House Tour: Bonus Room

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Continuing with the house tour…Welcome to our bonus room!

We opted to cover over our would-be two-story living room (for the added space and because of my fear of kids falling over railings) so that we could have a designated playroom upstairs. (The theory was that having a kid-centered space on the second floor would eliminate the toys in our master bedroom…yeah, right!) Long-term we’ll use the bonus room for a study space and kids’ movie room, but for now it’s definitely the dress-up and teepee room. Whenever we have playdates the kids naturally migrate there, and I adore finding gaggles of girls clad in random princess dresses, crammed into the teepee, giggling and gabbing.

I really love our bonus room — it’s full of windows, and the tall trees in the bit of woods at the back of our property make me feel like I’m in a treehouse at times. As for decor, I intended on it being black, mint, gold and coral, but it’s turning out to be a bit of a mish-mash of colors. Truthfully, I didn’t want to box away Cricket’s second birthday decor (all berry tones), so it ended up here even though it didn’t match. The result is still uber girly and bright, but just a bit more wild and colorful than I originally thought it would. I didn’t want a true motif since it’s a playroom, but Emma Vance’s love of unicorns definitely influenced my accessory choices, haha! (We’re currently collecting unicorn busts for that TV wall…three down so far!) Really I just wanted it to be bold, wild and funky because it’s the girls’ space for FUN! (And, of course, there’s a tiiiiiiiny area for my desk, my little corner in their world. I’ve got some work to do in that inlet, but for now it’s functional. ;) )

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