Cricket’s Last Day of (Pre)School 2016

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Summer doesn’t officially start until next Wednesday for our preschool, but since Cricket only goes to school on Thursdays, today was her last day! Gah! Where did the time go?? It seems like we JUST celebrated her first day of schoolNext year the school jumped her up to the older twos class because she is so…well, bossy! Ha! (That means she’ll go from one day of school a week this year to three days next year! Yay!) We have adored her 1s teachers and class and will miss them dearly…while we swim in the pool, soak in the sun and shake sand out of our shoes this summer. ;) Here’s to a wonderful year in the Wonder-filled 1s!

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Here’s what we gave Cricket’s teachers for end-of-year gifts. I did the same class drawing for them when E.V. was in the 1s class. ;) In return they gave the students each a bucket with bubbles–perfect!

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