Last Call Hayride (Burt’s Pumpkin Patch 2016)

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(Before you even read below, here’s the money shot…haha!)

October has been…busy (as usual). Between sorting out my mom’s “stuff,” trying to re-engage as an active preschool mom and Ryan’s crazy travel schedule, we’ve been just trying to fit things before the 31st. One of those to-dos was to take our annual family trip up to Burt’s Pumpkin Patch in the North Georgia mountains. (Check out our 2015 trip.) We usually go on in the morning, but since we’re crammed for time, we decided to go after the girls got out of school on Friday — and it was magical.

Usually we’re fighting Saturday crowds and the sweltering heat of Southern noontime, but this year was totally different. We took a lazy drive up north with post-school (read: tuckered out) kids relaxing in the back seats while watching “The Peanuts Movie” for the billionth time, and when we got to Burt’s, we were all calm and happy. There were still people at the farm finishing up their own ventures, but there certainly weren’t crowds to fight. And the weather was gorgeous! We caught the golden hour as we took the final hayride of the day, which we nicknamed the Last Call Hayride. The wind was breezy, the lighting was beautiful setting over the farm, and the hay…well, that was still itchy, haha!

After the hayride we searched out our family pumpkins (and we got a BIG one this year!), ran around and got some snacks for the ride home. I think we’ve finally discovered after all these years the magical formula, because this was my favorite trip yet.

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The best shot of the whole day clearly was this gem from my littlest, whose nickname is “Smiles”…

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