Mermaid Training (First Beach Trip!!)


When it’s another four-day weekend in your school district and your husband’s traveling, what’s better than packing up your littles, boarding a plane, escaping the winter weather, and heading to Florida to visit your best friend?

This was the girls’ first visit to the beach, so it was particularly special — their first fistfuls of sand, collecting shells washed ashore by the ocean, sitting at the edge of the waves and chanting “WE WANT A BIG ONE!,” the slight glow of red on their cheeks at the end of the day. Sigh. However, to be honest, most of the weekend was typical momming — throwing too many kids into one tub, reading “Pinkalicious” to a gaggle of girls, watching “Tangled” on repeat (seriously), stuffing ourselves into a sea of carseats in a minivan, making sure children aren’t swept away to sea or stung by jellyfish or eaten by sharks, reminding babies to not eat any(more) sand, hitting up da’ club (by which I mean The Ice Cream Club), trekking to the beach twice in one day just because, parkin’ and poolin’ on a supposed-to-be-rainy day, giving small children imaginary “Mermaid Training” to keep them occupied, and all the other wonderful things that go along with motherhood and friendship. ;)

When I asked E.V. and Cricket their favorite part of our trip, they respectively replied, “Scotty (my BFF)” and “eating airplane cookies (Biscoffs).” Needless to say, we are so thankful for and love the Carley fam — and the beach — and can’t wait to see both of them again!

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