Pajama Shorts + A Purse, Of Course! (Cricket’s First Day of Pre-K)

Today was (FINALLY) Cricket’s first day of school. Emma Vance started three weeks ago, and the interim has been loooong. (Hey, I had two kids so they could entertain each other…)

Truthfully, Cricket’s eyes are on the kindergarten prize. She talks about it like its Disney World, and I’m constantly reminding her that she has to actually graduate from preschool before they’ll let her into elementary school. So, needless to say, she was as excited to start Pre-K as could be.

I think I’m excited because (besides the fact that I get a couple hours kid-free to myself a day now) I know this year holds so much growth for my little four-year-old. By the end of it, she’ll know sight words and be able to write a legible “Cricket” with no problems; she’ll be more independent (although there’s not much room for improvement there for my headstrong one); she’ll be ready to say goodbye to toddlerhood and hello to childhood. (And I have totally promised myself NOT to do the whole “it’s the last time” for every little thing this year since it’s our last in preschool — otherwise I’ll spend the next nine months weeping uncontrollably, and no one wants to see that.)

Here’s to Pre-K and a great last year of preschool!

P.S. There was a wide range of emotions expressed in this five minute photo shoot. Enjoy. 

And, yes, Cricket not only brought her preschool bag (which turned out to be just as floral as her dress), but also insisted on bringing her purse, which was stuffed with only the essential items — Bun Bun the bunny, rainbow necklace, hairbrush, glitter bow, extra headband, four Starburst candies, and fake lipstick.

Oh, and Cricket refuses to wear underwear (what a fun phase), so when you see the Halloween pajama shorts peeking out from under her First Day of School dress, don’t act confused. ;)

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