Pizza + Firetrucks! (E.V.’s Last Day of 3s Preschool)

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It’s official — summer is HERE! Today was Emma Vance’s last day of school, and now it’s on to pools and picnics and parks for the next three months! Yay!

To celebrate the end of the year, our class had a little party yesterday after school. It was a preschooler’s dream come true — playing ring-around-the-rosie and Simon Says, pizza and cupcakes to eat, and a visit to a firehouse! One of our parents is a firefighter, so he set up the firehouse activity, and the kids loved it — especially when he slid down the fire pole! E.V. was particularly enthralled…no comments please on future career options, haha! ;) It was a wonderful way to end our year with a sweet class, and Emma Vance said they talked about it all day today.

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This morning before we left for school, E.V. had a meltdown about her dress (“It has BUTTONS!!!“), so she was grumpy and swollen-eyed when I took her picture. (I did manage to get a small grin when I asked her what color a rainbow was. ;) ) And as end-of-year gifts, E.V.’s teachers had bid (and lost) on the piece of art I did for our school’s silent auction, so another mom and I coordinated to duplicate the sign for each of them. Plus, of course, I had to do a drawing for them of such a special class! ;)


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