PJ Masks’ Newest Additions: Brainy Bunny + Panda Baby!


Over here in girl world, typically superheroes aren’t a big deal. (Just being honest.) HOWEVER, there’s a new show called “PJ Masks” on Disney Junior that features toddler superheroes and one of them is a girl (Owlette), so as of lately, superheroes? Yeah, we’re into them.

As a nod to Halloween, today was Superhero Day for our church’s preschoolers. They’ve been talking about the idea that “I can always count on God” this month, and today E.V. told me that they learned about when “Jod (Joshua + God maybe? I dunno.) was¬†loud and broke the walls” and then something about God being strong, so in case you were wondering how “superheroes” fit into that whole church thing, there you have it, haha!

PJ Masks is too new to have any merchandise (read: costumes) for sale, so E.V. wasn’t able to dress up like Owlette for church. Since we don’t really have any capes hanging around the house¬†(the princess dresses take up too much space anyway, haha!), I decided to make up our own superheroes for the girls. (I kinda’ did a similar non-superhero theme two years ago for E.V.)

So, friends, I present to you Brainy Bunny and Panda Baby! (What are their super powers, you ask? Well, based on their imaginative play this afternoon, I’m thinking running down hills really fast and taking care of baby dolls…of course!)

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