Well, the Halloween festivities are underway, and the Shove family is ready for the main event tonight! This weekend was packed full of celebrations, so as we gear up for trick-or-treating this evening, here’s a quick recap of what the past few (busy) days have looked like:

Saturday we braved the masses for Boo at the Zoo in Atlanta. The parking was atrocious, but it was worth the headache! The girls got to practice their candy-nabbing skills and meet some literary characters, and we got to people + animal watch. ;)

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Saturday night our friends hosted their annual Halloween party. Last year Ryan and I went as Mr. and Mrs. Alf, but this year a few of us decided to play a little joke on the host, who is afraid of clowns. BTW, #notagoodyeartobeaclown. Thankfully we didn’t get arrested for general creepiness. ;)


Sunday morning, our church encouraged kids to dress up as something “God created” since the kids learned about creation all month. (Thankfully God created everything — including super heroes and princesses, haha!) Our girls went as cacti…well, they were supposed to until I realized that I left their flowers at home. #momfail


This morning the girls donned their Halloween gear for preschool. I had read an email reminding parents that today was “Funny Hat Day,” so we grabbed a couple of witches’ hats for school…and then showed up to a cap-less sea of kids. I was utterly confused. And then Cricket’s teacher showed up in a hat! I had thought I was reading a school-wide email, but it was just for her class, haha! It didn’t matter much, though, because this week Emma Vance is the Star Student in her class, so today (on her favorite holiday of the year) she gets to show off her poster and tell everyone all about herself. Don’t be surprised if you think that poster looks familiar — it’s from last year, haha! It was too busy of a weekend for us to get around to making a new one. Shhh! 

no1_5931 no1_5933no1_5962 no1_5966 no1_5969 no1_5971Now onto the real deal! Happy almost Halloween, everyone!

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