Spirit Week + Gymnastics

The season(s) of busyness are in full swing, meaning our calendar and our camera are F-U-L-L. This week started the week-long race to trick-or-treating, meaning there is dress up galore happening at our house. Even at school!

We celebrated Anti-Bullying at E.V.’s school with Spirit Days (yay for no uniforms!), which I have missed emotions about. (Our school also participated in National Drug Free week last month, and I had mixed emotions about that, too. Granted, the focus in elementary schools that week was more of we-make-healthy-choices, but it’s still a confusing thing to an intuitive five-year-old.) All of the hullabaloo about dressing up prompted E.V. to ask me what “bullying” meant, and it broke my heart to even have to explain it to her. (I just went with “being mean to people.”) Sometimes I feel like the bubble I’ve worked hard to build around her is poked at when these well-intentioned topics come up. (Like, don’t teach my kid not to say “stupid” by having a cartoon character say “stupid” twelve times and then learning their lesson. Thanks, now my kid knows the word “stupid.” Great job. #slowclap)

Anyway, here’s some spiritwear for your perusing, and a look into E.V. and Cricket’s last gymnastics class for the season.

Superhero Day (Wonder Woman!)


Team Spirit (Go Dawgs!)


Sweats/Athleticwear Day


Blue-Out (and a kiss for Skittles, her imaginary bunny)


Happy last day of GYMNASTICS! (And, no, E.V. didn’t learn to do the cartwheel she hoped to do. Whoops!)

IMG_3105 IMG_3107 IMG_3135 IMG_3147 IMG_3154 IMG_3162 IMG_3170 IMG_3176 IMG_3192 IMG_3200 IMG_3207 IMG_3227IMG_3267 IMG_3274 IMG_3307 IMG_3311 IMG_3317

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