Sunday Seven 2018 (Weeks 44-48)

307 / 365: Cricket called me into the playroom because she made me a “surprise birthday party.” (Although she’s clearly confused on how the surprising part works, haha!)

308 / 365: Ice cream face.

309 / 365: Y’all, I don’t even know what she’s thinking in this picture. Or ever really.

310 / 365: Emma Vance’s class is studying weather, and she made a weather vane!

311 / 365: Future teacher?

311 / 365: (There IS a baby somewhere under all those doll clothes.)

312 / 365: E.V. makes her favorite doll, Emma, some hot cocoa.

313 / 365: Muffin baking competition (because we’ve been watching wayyyy too much “Kids Baking Championship”).

314 / 365: The girls have filled up their Be Rich boxes with goldfish and fruit snacks, and now it’s time to drop them off! (Be Rich is our church’s November giving/giving back campaign.)

315 / 365: Gearing up for the holiday season with free Grinch pancakes at iHop…although they’re much sadder looking than the advertised ones, haha!

316 / 365: Um…

317 / 365: Independence is a good thing…ish.

318 / 365: Cricket’s been into making her own videos “for YouTube” (not). Here she’s narrating her own Princess Play-doh for me to upload (not).

319 / 365: I volunteered in E.V.’s school to make dreamcatchers, so I caught her with a sweet friend exploring their snack options!

320 / 365: IT’S CABIN WEEKEND 2018!

321 / 365: Cricket enticed little Peyton to have a little homemade hot tub time together. (Flash forward to Spring Break 2032.)

322 / 365: Campfire + s’mores with friends!

323 / 365: We survived a weekend in the mountains with all THIRTY-FOUR of our small group family members…no stitches, no broken bones, lots of fun!

324 / 365: Party hat? Santa hat? Snack hat?

325 / 365: Happy Thanksgiving from Oscar and Cricket! (E.V. is pouting inside because she doesn’t like her outfit. Ugh.)

324 / 365: Tree trimming time!

325 / 365: This year’s kid-centric tree filled with all the mismatched, homemade ornaments you could ever ask for.

326 / 365: A tea party picnic, and everyone’s invited.

327 / 365: Christmas card outtake

328 / 365: I volunteered in Cricket’s class to help them decorate a gingerbread house and cookies, but clearly Cricket doesn’t need any help when it comes to sugar + art. Duh.

329 / 365: Emma Vance reaps the benefit of the leftover preschool cookie-decorating activity and makes a cookie for our neighbor, a BOY. Eek.

330 / 365: Annual handprint ornament making debacle!

331 / 365: Shrinky-dink Santa letter ornament from E.V.: “Dear Santa, I love you. I want a mikerphone! Please. Love E.V. #6”

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