Sunday’s Seven (Week Two)

Well, it’s my birthday. (Yay!) Thirty-three feels…well, a lot like 32, haha! The girls have been talking about the party they were planning for me all week. Apparently it was supposed to be a Lalaloopsy + Sprinkles theme, but somehow their vision didn’t quite come to fruition. ;) E.V. has been thrilled that Mommy is “three” like her (“two threes,” as I had to correct her every time), and overall today has been great. I love my husband and my kids, and life is pretty darn great around here. Thirty-three promises to be a good year!


Besides Cricket’s shenanigans while giving me (or not giving me) my birthday hugs and kisses, here’s this week’s Sunday Seven…


11 / 365: E.V. conveniently falls asleep in our bed (the girls’ favorite place to sleep, truthfully) and looks so angelic we can’t bare to move her…


12 / 365: …and then by morning both girls have made their way into our bed. (And neither wants to wake up on time.)


13 / 365: We’ve just hung a glass birdhouse in our front yard, and E.V. and Cricket fill it with Cheerios in hopes that a bird will make a nest there in the Spring.


14 / 365: E.V. takes a picture of her preschool music class (with the real camera Ryan gave her) as part of her project documenting her day in photographs.


15 / 365: Emma Vance snuggles up post-bath in a grown-up towel, fighting the chill in the house as the winter temperatures drop (finally). 


16 / 365: Sisters cuddle up in a “bed” they designed by themselves…in the kitchen. With counter-height chairs. Of course. 


17 / 365: Mommy enjoys big birthday hugs, the best gift possible!

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