Sunday’s Seven (Week 16)

NO1_7032 (1)

109 / 365: It’s officially “summer” according to E.V. and Cricket…which means it’s baby pool time (at least until they open our neighborhood pool).

NO1_7079 (1)

110 / 365: The sunshine has us all silly this week. (The lack of post-vacay schedule / sleep *might* be playing a role in our madness, too).

NO1_7099 (1)

111 / 365: One of about five million wardrobe meltdowns so far this week. The problem this morning? We can’t find pants in the exact same pattern as her shirt to match her outfit perfectly. I should be sad or mad — but really all I can think about is my top knot envy. ;)

NO1_7106 (1)

112 / 365: I swear this wasn’t planned. #miniminion


113 / 365: The last Moms’ Moments of the year for preschool. Sad and exciting all at once…

NO1_7185 (1)

114 / 365: Apparently the girls have strawberries on their minds today…and on their pajamas…and in their bellies!

NO1_7205 (1)

115 / 365: Our THIRD playdate of the day, complete with indoor foyer picnic and bathing suits (minus the actual swimming or pool of course).

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