Sunday’s Seven (Week 22)


151 / 365: We are LIVING in bathing suits this summer — including ones that make us look like mermaids, which we pretty much are since we’ve been spending so much time at the pool…


152 / 365: The girls carefully make their selection from a fresh box of chalk, our second-most requested activity this summer.


153 / 365: Tantrums run deep with this one, especially when she’s tired. I’m always quick to hug those whiny tears away when she gets cranky because I know it’s only because she’s exhausted — and on occasion I get to reap the rewards of my methods. ;)


154 / 365: Emma Vance the brave putting on a show of her fearless feats!


155 / 365: Our new “Finding Dory” water table came in!!!


156 / 365: I’m clearly winning at the nutrition side of parenting lately. (P.S. That cookie is as giant as it looks in this picture.)


157 / 365: E.V. gets her nails painted by her favorite princess, ARIEL!

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