Sunday’s Seven (Week 36)


249 / 365: There’s an hour between Cricket and E.V.’s pickup times at preschool, so we’re enjoying being┬áLadies Who Lunch…all three of us!


250 / 365: Presenting Mulan and Elsa!


251 / 365: So much to say about this picture…starting with having my very own Punky Brewster.


252 / 365: Note to Parents: Don’t leave them alone. Not even for two minutes. (She’s “baking a cake.”)


253 / 365: It’s God Bless America Day at preschool.


254 / 365: It’s a rarity that boys invade our girly world, so E.V. and Cricket are pumped to have their friends, the Adams bros, to play with!


255 / 365: E.V. shows off her tattoo to her buddy, Sophie, at Baby Gray’s birthday fiesta!

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