Sunday’s Seven (Week 37)


256 / 365: Million dollar idea–childproof nail polish bottles. (Yes, she got in on the carpet. #facepalm)


257 / 365: Cricket-Kit, queen of the island!


258 / 365: First t-shirt day of the year, and we couldn’t be more excited about the new colors they offered this year!


258 / 365: I’m loving E.V.’s drawing of “Mat Man”–a tool to teach kids the proper drawing of people, but hers is a “Mat Girl,” of course!


259 / 365: “Look, Mom, I made you an apartment!”


260 / 365: The girls compare the prizes (new-fangled Trolls) they got for going to bed so early last night. #worthit


261 / 365: What, you don’t hide under tables at birthday parties so as to enjoy your cake to its fullest?? ;) (Smart girl.)

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