Sunday’s Seven (Week 5)


32 / 365: Emma Vance and Cricket decorate E.V.’s school poster with markers and stickers — all while with a sense of humor. ;)


33 /365: We have a VERY PROUD Star Student this week! Emma Vance is excited to show off her About Me poster and her special Show-n-Tell items: her baby curl, her stuffed dog Woof-Woof, and a Care Bear costume.


34 / 365: The girls plan an outdoor “party,” and Mommy is invited as the guest of honor. The theme? Underwear Picnic. (Naturally.)


35 / 365: After weeks of begging, E.V. gets her first real athletic outfit to wear to the gym — and immediately declares herself “an exercise girl.”


36 / 365: The girls  have a slumber party in Cricket’s brand new big girl bed to celebrate her first night sans-crib.


37 / 365: Emma Vance and her friend, Kensleigh, scooter down the sidewalk, showing off their motoring skills.


38 / 365: Yia Yia is surprised and excited at the party the girls and have planned for her at IHOP. Who says you can’t have a My Little Pony-themed birthday at 68??

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