The Ballet Babe + Her Tennis Complaints

As the year winds down, so are the girls’ activities. And, to be honest, in some ways I’m sad…and in other ways I’m relieved, haha! Chauffeuring kids and schlepping gear gets old fast, so I’m eager to have a break over the summer FOR SURE.

This semester, Cricket took tennis and ballet. But there was a clear winner between the two.  ;)

As for tennis, her career may have started and ended on the court already as she pretty much spent most of the time yelling, “WATERBREAK!” at her coach every two minutes. (Oh, and complaining, “It’s too HOTTTTT, Mommy!”) She did love playing little games against her coach (who only let them win some of the time) and being with friends, but unless it’s indoors, the heat of the summer sun may have cut her career short.

But as for ballet? She’s in love! Cricket’s first recital (at a retirement home!) is coming up in the next few weeks, and the dress rehearsal was everything she dreamed of — the done-up hair, the sparkly accessories, and especially the costume. The girls are all in either pink or blue, and when I commented how lovely the blue looked, Cricket said, “Pink is my favorite, but I chose blue because I wanted to be with my friend Madeline.” Sweet girl.

Here’s to finishing the after school activity race strong, moms. We can do it — just remember there’s poolside margaritas on the other side of the end of year push!

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