You Can’t Ever Beat Royals

We may not be the best sports family ever (okay, well Ryan would be if it weren’t for me haha), but Emma Vance loves people more than anything and being on a team is a dream come true to her. So we signed up for our third year of spring soccer again, adding yet another activity to our schedule, so her desire to be a part of something bigger than herself would be fed. And her excitement was palpable. In fact, as soon as I read off her team name for this season, Royals, E.V. freaked out: “THERE’S A SONG NAMED AFTER OUR TEAM!!!” 

At E.V.’s request, we’ve played Lorde’s “Royals” to pump her up for each and every soccer game, and along the way she’s made up a slew of her own lyrics with a soccer angle. (Of course. Would I expect anything less from my creative singer/songwriter?) It’s been a strange season with lots of rain and rescheduling and missed games and coach switch-ups (including Ryan standing a bit #secretdreamcometrue), but despite the madness, one thing has become clear — E.V. loves the pump-up of a good hype song. (It’s officially bad luck to play a game without one anymore.) So now, for the rest of my life forever and ever, anytime I hear “Royals,” I will remember this season and my six-year-old singing at the top of her lungs: You can’t ever beat Royals, ROYALS!

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