The End of Our Summer Bucket List

This summer was crazy short — nine weeks to be exact. I do love summer festivities (minus the sweltering melting that is inevitable), and so this year we set out to conquer summer with our very own Summer Bucket List. Since the local pools are slowly closing for the season one-by-one, I figure that I can declare summer over, even though we’ve left a few Bucket List items on the table (sorry, “host a lemonade stand,” “go berry picking,” and “make homemade ice cream”).

Before we run with open arms into piles of crunchy leaves, lattes dressed up in pumpkin spices, and the giddiness of sweater weather, I thought I’d recap the rest of our big Bucket List To-Do’s that I haven’t blogged about yet.

We harvested our odd little carrots from Cricket’s old class garden. Oh, and as a bonus to the Harvest Playdate, we hung out all morning with her sweet classmates. (Geez, that playground gets HOT in the summer sun!)

IMG_5814 IMG_5817 IMG_5825 IMG_5832 IMG_5833IMG_5834

One summer in college, I was the baker at a YoungLife camp, where I learned how to make ice cream pies. It’s been YEARS since my last one, so I decided to pass down the family secret to the girls.

IMG_6771 IMG_6773 IMG_6778 IMG_6783 IMG_6785

We toured all our friends’ cool neighborhood pools because when you spend 7 out of 7 days in the water, you need a change of scenery. 

IMG_6792 IMG_6793

We adopted worms (for about a week until they “mysteriously” disappeared). Okay, so this WASN’T on our Bucket List, but it sure did happen.

IMG_6817 IMG_6827 IMG_6831

E.V. conquered the big slide at our gym pool!IMG_7040

We usually do a lot of movie theater time with Papadon, but the girls weren’t too crazy about the summer’s big flix, so we watched movies at home with our grandpa.

IMG_7007 IMG_7012 IMG_7016 IMG_7018 IMG_7019 IMG_7020 IMG_7023

By far the most loved Bucket List activity was a Girl’s-Only Spa Night, complete with robes, masks and massages (by Mom). They beg to do this all the time now!

IMG_7053 IMG_7054 IMG_7055IMG_7063 IMG_7060

My little adventurer wanted to learn how to rock climb, so she and I went to a Waffles ‘n Walls breakfast at our gym. She’s a natural!

IMG_8127 IMG_8118 IMG_8112 IMG_8111 IMG_8096 IMG_8095 IMG_8090 IMG_8078 IMG_8073 IMG_8072

We LOVED our Pre-K class (seriously, it was a special group of littles for sure), and we really wanted to see everyone over the summer. So we had an amazing pool date with everyone — including our teacher! Yay!

IMG_7939 IMG_7942IMG_7949 IMG_7952 IMG_7960 IMG_7964

I’ve always wanted to visit Anderson’s Sunflower Farm, so it was a definite biggie on our list for me. Too bad it didn’t live up to my dreams (more a house with flowers than a full-on farm), but we got a few pics (minus Cricket being in an outfit of her own creation, haha!).

IMG_8222 IMG_8219 IMG_8211 IMG_8207 IMG_8204 IMG_8201 IMG_8199 IMG_8197 IMG_8193 IMG_8191 IMG_8188 IMG_8185 IMG_8181 IMG_8178 IMG_8175 IMG_8173 IMG_8170 IMG_8164 IMG_8160

I really wanted to get involved with E.V.’s new  school, and a friend asked me to collab on a GIANT mural for the lunchroom with her. The mural was 30′ long, and I depicted a fun “It’s a Small World”-type version of China and France for half of it.

IMG_8241IMG_8268 IMG_8259

Okay, okay. So going in for E.V.’s five-year check-up wasn’t on our list either, but we did go this summer. She’s healthy and happy, and Cricket is, too, considering she insisted on getting every test and measurement Emma Vance did!

IMG_7841 IMG_7842 IMG_7847 IMG_7852 IMG_7866 IMG_7869 IMG_7888 IMG_7898 IMG_7903

And, lastly, over Labor Day, Ryan and I took the girls to the man-made stream by our City Hall to float tinfoil boats down river. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE Alpharetta?!?

IMG_0081 IMG_0083 IMG_0088 IMG_0092 IMG_0099 IMG_0102 IMG_0108 IMG_0111 IMG_0115 IMG_0121 IMG_0122 IMG_0131 IMG_0134 IMG_0145 IMG_0149

Okay, now I’m officially ready for FALL!

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