Hello, Fall!


The Georgia weather fooled us there for a bit. The blustery days and cooler temps tricked us all into thinking that for once, just this once, the South might get a true autumn starting in September. Not. We’re back to the sweltering heat and humidity that we all expect each year from May to October. Sigh. I do have to admit, though, that at the first signs of fall I threw out all of my orange, pumpkin-y decor without a second thought. (It was August 21st. Shhhh. Some people are going to be outraged, but I just call them haters. ;) ) I’ve been reveling in my home’s autumnal glory for a full month now, and I’m not sick of it even one bit. I am, however, thankful that fall is officially here so I can stop hiding it, haha! Hello, FALL!

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