The Girl Who Ate Everything (15 Month Dr. Appt.)

Eating in the waiting room…and then the exam room…and on the way home…and then at home! :)

I can’t believe we’ve just blown past the 12 month mark and have already made it through a full quarter of another year! Time never does seem to slow down, does it?

Emma Vance woke up on her 15 month birthday and decided she was hungry. Like hungry-hungry. Like I-will-eat-everything-I-see-hungry. She’s developing like crazy these days, and her appetite is trying to keep up (figuratively and literally). The morning she turned 15 months she ate TWO scrambled eggs, a WHOLE banana and a WHOLE Greek yogurt for breakfast. Then, about an hour later she looked up at me, signed “more” and said, “Snack?” (which really sounds more like, “Nah?”). She’s got a mouth on her, that one! I’m happy that she’s getting a lot of nutrients these days, but my gosh–she might just eat us out of house and home! :)

We, of course, went to the doctor for our quarterly check up, and there were no big surprises (thankfully). Well, no surprises for me that is. The nurse who did our initial check-in had the most shocked look on her face as E.V. pointed to the tinkling wind chime above the scale and said, “What’s that?” At that moment E.V. was in her arms, and the nurse replied naturally, “It’s a wind chime,” before she caught that she was talking to a 15-month-old and did a double take. “She just said ‘what’s that’ to me, right?” the nurse asked, to which I replied with a grin and a nod. “Oh my goodness!” the nurse exclaimed in surprise. That’s my talkative girl. I felt totally validated because Emma Vance NEVER performs on command or in public, so a lot of times I feel like people think I’m exaggerating when I tell these stories, and thus having her be so forward in front of a professional baby evaluator :) made me very pleased.

While we waited for the doctor, my hungry Emma Vance ate and ENTIRE can of organic cheese puffs and read quite a few books. (We were waiting a loooong time…) When it was finally our turn, we sang the Doc McStuffins check-up song, and the doctor and I chatted about the show while he listened to her heart and looked in her ears. Everything was normal for the check-up, although we deferred our 15-month vaccines to a later date since she’s been sick lately. (Thankfully our pediatrician is very understanding of my concerns and not judgmental at all.) We’ll have to go back in a couple weeks for the dreaded shots, but for now I was happy to leave the office with a smiling baby.

As for growth, not much changed over the past three months, meaning she’s average height, a little chunky and has a huge, brainy head. These days she’s 22 lbs. (gained less than half a pound, going down from the 75th to the 65th percentile), has a 48 cm head (grew 1 cm, but still in the 95th percentile) and is 30.5 inches tall (growing 1.25 inches, going up from the 40th to the 50th percentile). Overall the doctor said to “keep on keepin’ on” when it comes to her growth and to make sure she gets enough to eat–to which I responded politely with a nod and a smile as my child fortuitously looked up with an empty can of cheese puffs and said, “Snack?” ;)

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  1. September 30, 2013 / 12:49 am

    “professional baby evaluator” made me laugh. Hahahaha. EV is so cute ;)

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