Twinkle Twos


You never can really predict what your kids will become obsessed with.

A month ago, when E.V. started randomly shouting “Ballerina!” and twirling around the house multiple times a day, I was flabbergasted. I was never into dance, and so I’ve never thought that Emma Vance would be. However, perhaps we watched one too many episodes of “Little Einsteins” (which features a ballerina named June) because E.V. decided to declare herself a ballerina, and I decided it was my job to indulge her.

This morning was Emma Vance’s first ballet lesson ever. (Take note of this momentous occasion for when she officially gets accepted to Juilliard.) Not only is the class is called “Twinkle Twos” (seriously, could it be any cuter??), but I about died of adorableness when E.V. was all dressed and ready — the soft ballet skirt, the baby pink tights, the tiny leather shoes…sigh.

The class was kids-only, so I kept peeking through the observation windows to see how my little ballerina (and her friend, Sophie) was handling herself. My favorite moment was at the end when the girls were lined up against the wall to take turns “dancing” across the room with an Angelina Ballerina stuffed animal; all the little girls twirled and jumped and scooted along, but E.V.? Well, she sprinted herself as fast as her little toddler legs could take her, tagged the mirror and sprinted back. Wrong game, dear! ;)

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