A Camp-Themed Shower for Baby Boy Thomas


This weekend we had the fortune of being able to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my friend Beth’s baby boy. When she told me she was pregnant, my natural reaction was “Yay yay YAAAAYYY!” followed by an immediate demand to be included in throwing her baby shower.

We chose a camp theme based on Beth’s nursery design, which is right up my alley. There were so many fun, non-girly elements that I wanted to do for this shower, especially since I’m usually in glitter-and-tutus mode most days. With the help of my friend from college, Kelly Smith, we took a non-traditional, quirky-yet-not-cheesy angle at the idea of camp, aiming¬†to create an¬†outdoorsy, natural, eclectic, vintage feel. I love how everything turned out — including the numerous, hilarious stories that went along with gathering and creating all the elements for this shower. :)

Kelly was the prefect co-hostess for me: She let me do my mad-scientist-of-parties thing without doubting my harebrained ideas, forgave me of my lacking ability to communicate often, trusted that I’d pull it off, and offered to fill in where I am weak (read: food, logistics, anything not visual — haha!). She laughed at my failed attempts to wrangle a vintage picnic table from the city of Alpharetta (which I almost ended up “borrowing” #truestory #felon); trudged through the underbrush alongside a busy road to forage greenery with me (and turned a blind eye to my white-trash-esque sweatpants paired with hot pink wellies); and handled the task of making s’mores (which took several attempts of blow-torching before she discovered that baking them in the oven was the best method). So, many, many thanks to Kelly for being an amazing co-hostess!

Lots of other people helped out in making this shower come together, so thank you to my mother-in-law for the vintage picnic basket that turned into a beautiful centerpiece; to Alli Finlay and fam for the amaaaaazing cast ironware and authentic farm-fresh lanterns (complete with dust and kerosene!); to our families and babysitters for watching the girls while I prepared; and to Ryan for putting up with me, for talking me out of committing a felony and for building me a brand new picnic table. ;) Oh, and to Beth for being a dear, thoughtful, above-board friend…and for having a sweet boy that was so fun to shower with love (and s’mores!).

Onto the fun part…pictures!!!

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When the girls came back from a day spent with their Nanny and Big Mike, in diapers and pigtails of course, they immediately walked in and demanded to dig into the leftover cake…so we obliged. I mean, it’s not a party until a cake gets smashed, right?!? ;)

NO1_1129 NO1_1130 NO1_1134 NO1_1141 NO1_1149 NO1_1154

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