Birthdays + Tantrums


It would seem that January is for birthdays, because we’re in full-on baby party mode this month! In fact, part of my sleep-inducing strategy is to tell E.V. that when she wakes up (in the morning or from her nap) that “you’ll get to go to a party, but only if you go to sleep.” It seems to work decently, and oftentimes she wakes up with shouts of joy centering around cake and presents…although on occasion it has backfired on me.

Take today, for instance, when we had a sweet first birthday party to go to for one of the girls’ little friends, which I braved by myself with both kids. (Ryan’s been traveling, but he’s home tomorrow, woo hoo!) Everything seemed to be going so well — E.V. ate marshmallows, Cricket chummed it up with her little baby friend, we sang happy birthday and ate cake…and then E.V. decided to get into the presents. Thankfully she centered in on the gift we brought, because she pulled the doll out of the bag and begged for me to open it. (So much for the surprise! Ha!) After a few consistent no’s, she was in a full on tantrum complete with tears, and we had to exit quickly. How do you explain to a two-year old that when you say “and presents,” that you don’t mean presents for THEM? *Sigh.* Another day with toddlers, amiright?

Oh, and by the way, we have the exact same doll at home but that didn’t matter to Emma Vance, of course. ;)

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