Burt’s Pumpkin Patch: BEEware

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One of the fall festivities our family loves is visiting Burt’s Pumpkin Patch, which is about an hour or so north of Amityville in the Georgia mountains. We try to go every October to pick our our official Halloween pumpkins, and this year we made the attempt to go relatively early in the month (because it always seems like October flies by!). And we did — but remember my editing computer died? So I’ve been holding onto these images for a couple of weeks now, which was so hard to do! I even delayed a bit once we got our computer back because I’m MISSING a card with half our trip on it (Noooooo!) but I can’t find the dang thing anywhere. It’s as if it vanished into thin air! But I’ve delayed too long in sharing these pictures considering TOMORROW IS HALLOWEEN (Yay!), so here they are, or, rather, here half of them are. Boo.

Our trip to Burt’s was wonderful of course. After three years visiting the same spot with our kids, it feels like a mile marker in the autumn season for us. As usual, Ryan and I enjoyed our Starbucks on the pleasant morning drive up through the mountains while the girls peacefully napped in the backseat. When we arrived, we did the typical trunk-tumble (getting the girls dressed with the back hatch up — you know the drill) when a yellow jacket flew into our car! Yikes! Ryan quickly killed the thing, but within a few seconds there were more swarming our car. It was so bad that I asked Ryan to move it to another area of the parking lot while I dragged our half-dressed (or half-naked, depending on how you view the glass) girls to the new spot. We continued to get everyone ready to pick pumpkins when the yellow jackets found us! I was annoyed and alarmed when a nearby dad shouted out that the bees were all over, even in his car, too! Ugh. Ryan killed five (yes, FIVE) of them by the time we were ready to head in. It was scary, especially since neither E.V. nor Cricket has ever been stung, so we’re not sure if they have a bee allergy or not. (Talk about a pumpkin patch bummer that would’ve been!) Unfortunately the yellow jackets were also swarming inside of Burt’s, so we were careful to avoid the heavily jacket-trafficked areas of the pumpkin patch.

Other than the bee fiasco, we had so much fun chasing Emma Vance, letting Cricket explore the strange gourds for the first time, trying to pick up oversized pumpkins and taking a hayride. We took home two smallish, round orange pumpkins for the girls (as well as a few mini ones that E.V. absolutely fell in love with) because it’s not Halloween at the Shove household until we have a Burt’s pumpkin on our front porch! Now, onto the main event tomorrow night!!! :)


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