Trunk or Treat(s)


Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday, and now that Emma Vance is finally old enough to know what’s actually going on, I wanted to take advantage of the season. We’ve been watching Halloween-themed shows on Disney Junior and PBS (she now asks to watch “Sophia Ghost” and “No Noggin”), enjoying the scarecrows of downtown Alpharetta, and pointing out everything “October” everywhere we go — from pumpkins to spiders to ghosts to witches. We also practiced our trick-or-treating at TWO Trunk-or-Treats this year!

I’ve made Emma Vance and Cricket’s “real” Halloween costumes for Friday night, and although I can sew, I’m not a good seamstress. So for these two practice rounds (since I really didn’t want to risk messing up their costumes), we opted for more dress-up type outfits.

On Tuesday night, E.V.’s preschool hosted a Trunk-or-Treat where she was supposed to be a butterfly (although everyone called her a fairy, she ditched her wings early-on and her tutu was too big) and Cricket was supposed to be Rosie the Riveter (although she did NOT like her head wrap, which I removed early-on, leaving her looking like a boy — NOT the costume we had in mind, haha!). The event was to collect canned food for the needy, which we were happy to participate in, although it seemed a bit of a moot point because of all the candy we replaced it with in our pantry! ;) It took Emma Vance a few attempts to figure out the whole say-trick-or-treat-to-get-candy thing, but once she did, she was super into it! My little toddler loves the energy of a crowd, and when you add sugar to the equation, watch out! She did want to taste every piece she got, taking a lick and then ditching the candy into our stroller. I just let her do her thing because she was having so much fun — until I realized that Cricket had gotten ahold of a rejected blue raspberry lollipop! Oops! #momfail

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Tonight Ryan was able to join us at our second Trunk-or-Treat of the season, which made the event SO much more enjoyable! Plus Emma Vance’s friends Sophie joined us in collecting candy, which always makes for a fun time. Truthfully, this was what I’d consider Cricket’s “main event” because her Care Bear costume is way cuter than her outfit for Friday night. (That’s why there’s about a bajillion pictures of her in it! #sorrynotsorry) I’m reliving my Child of the 80s dreams through my kids, and her outfit definitely was one of those heart-string impulse buys. Cricket’s real costume is adorable, but it’s more of a sidekick to Emma Vance’s. Since tonight was the baby’s night to shine, E.V. was Anna — along with every other little girl there! ;) — and Sophie was a skunk, which was so stinkin’ cute. (Get it? Pun intended. :) ) As for Sophie herself, to answer her burning question of the night (“Is Cricket still a baby or a fancy big girl?”), the answer is this: Trick question. She’s a fancy baby. ;)

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