Cinco de Avocado

Happy Cinco de Mayo everybody!

Ryan and I thought we’d be clever and miss the crowds by going out to lunch instead of dinner today–yeah right! We got caught in the post-church-non-margarita rush, but with a celebratory outfit like this one, we didn’t mind too much! Our friends the McGlowns bought it for E.V. on their honeymoon last year, and we’ve been patiently waiting for this holiday–which also happens to be their one year anniversary!–to put it to good use. Needless to say, Emma Vance garnered a LOT of attention and was the belle of the Cinco de Mayo ball at La Parilla this afternoon!

There was a bit of a wait, but we didn’t mind since E.V. loves to keep us occupied. Everyone commented on how cute she was and how adorable her outfit was, and one of the employees even gave her a beaded necklace (which totally won over E.V.’s affections). When we sat down, I ordered an avocado to feed Emma Vance (and to keep her from complete boredom) even though she had already had her official lunch at home. It’s her latest favorite food, and after scarfing down the WHOLE thing, I ordered another half–which also quickly disappeared along with a small bottle and a kids’ water! (Can you say “growth spurt?!?”) Her mouth was full of food and smiles all during our meal, and we were more than happy to hang out with our little lady in public for a couple hours. She was such a good girl that our server rewarded her with her first balloon, and, man, was she pumped about it!

As we left the restaurant, I laughed at the thought that we can officially declare that Cinco de Mayo is really “Cinco de Avocado”–well, at least in E.V.’s world. :)

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