Growth Spurt + Teething

Early morning “teeth brushing,” aka molar soothing!


Emma Vance has been both ravenous + exhausted as well as whiny + sleepless for the past few days. It took about two days of super long naps, super short naps, snoring like a buzzsaw, and waking up every few hours for me to figure it out. I put two and two together when I realized that E.V. had both grown out of her nine month clothes AND cut a molar (!) overnight. The molar thing caught me by total surprise since she’s only gotten her two bottom teeth so far; the top four are bulging out the front of her gums but not yet pushing down, and I figured that surely babies get all of their front teeth before┬átheir back teeth. Apparently not.

The weirdest thing is that her schedule is so much a part of her natural rhythm now that she’s actually keeping herself pretty normal, switching back and forth between giving in to her exhaustion one nap then taking a short nap later, waking up eager to chew on something–anything–that can reach her molars. The current favorite? A grown-up toothbrush. She likes to flip back and forth between the scratchy bristles and rubbery handle. Hey, whatever works, works!

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