Conversations with Kids (Cake for Breakfast)


Ryan’s been traveling all week, which naturally means that Emma Vance has foregone her usual 8 a.m. wake up time for a bright ‘n early 6 a.m. start. (Of course.) I think she might be going through a growth spurt because she’s been waking up and immediately crying for food as if she’s starving beyond belief. Her appetite knows no boundaries for what’s “appropriate” for breakfast, making for some interesting conversations over the past few days.

E.V.: MOMMY! Moooommmy! {from the other room}

Me: Mkadhfkdjf. {indiscernible mumbling that probably was something like, “Shhh! You’ll wake Cricket! I’m coming…”}


Me: E.V., stop yelling. You can’t have cake at 6 a.m.

E.V.: Wahhhhh! {imagine wailing and nashing of teeth}

Me: Okay, okay! Shhh! What do you want for breakfast?

E.V.: Cake. {duh}

Me: I don’t have any cake. It’s all gone. {because this excuse works on kids, no logic needed} How about a banana?

E.V.: No. Cookies.

Me: No, you can’t have cookies for breakfast. What else?

E.V.: Pickles.

Me: How about eggies? Want me to make you eggies?

E.V.: NO! YUCKY! Crackers. Apples. A pockaboo {popsicle}. Fruit snacks. Cake. Cake. CAAAAKKKKE!

Me: How about oatmeal?

{thoughtful pause}

E.V.: Yay! Oatmeal! {clapping of hands}

It should be a rule that you should never have to negotiate with toddlers before dawn. I’m pretty sure she pulled a Fabian Strategy on me and that oatmeal was what she really wanted from the start. And, by the way, she took about two bites of the oatmeal I made for her and then decided she was full. And she did wake up Cricket. *Sigh.* ;)

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