E.V.’s Halloween UNBirthday


When you’re three and a girl (and my child), you love parties. That’s a given. So when your mom mentions to you that your preschool UNbirthday is coming up soon, it *might* turn into a thing (as in a “thing” where you talk about it as if it was your real birthday). What’s an UNbirthday, you ask? Well, for all those poor summer babies, our preschool assigns a random day to celebrate your birthday sometime during the school year. And by “celebrate,” they mean “your mom is on snack duty that day, so make it a little extra special.” I mean, I think they probably just wear a birthday hat during snack time or something like that. Maybe the other kids sing “Happy Birthday” to them? I’m not sure, but they had me at “extra special snack.”

Our school also happens to be peanut-free and low/no-sugar. They’ve drawn a hard line at no cakes/no cupcakes, and encourage alternative treats, which for most UNbirthdays means Chick-fil-a nugget trays (which, let’s be honest, is NOT a healthy alternative, but it fits the “no sugar” requirement)..but I’m a bit of a rule breaker. (Haha, not really, but in some small, non-punishable ways I like to be a little rebellious.) So we chose one of E.V.’s favorite things to make — Rice Krispie Treats — and one of her favorite healthier items — blackberries — deemed our snack “extra special” and ignored the “no sugar” rule. Hey, at least it’s not cake, okay people?

Since my favorite holiday is Halloween, Emma Vance’s is also (naturally). I decided to put a little bit of a spooky twist on our snack (since last year we just went straight-up birthday-themed). Seriously, I know that these UNbirthdays really aren’t that big of a deal, but Emma Vance was so excited this morning. I mean, sooooo excited. And, hey, who doesn’t love an excuse to celebrate? So here’s to you, Little Lady! Happy 3 years 3 months and 16 days, E.V.! (And Happy almost-Halloween, too!)

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Mom, can we eat a Bat Krispie Treat now that it’s my UNbirthday?

“No, Dear, not yet. Not until snack time at preschool.”

NO1_0459Awwww, man!

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