Ginny Turns One!

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This weekend was so cold and rainy, and with a big loss from our beloved Dawgs, we were so thankful and excited to celebrate our little friend, Ginny, turning one on Saturday. What a bright spot in an otherwise yucky weekend!

My dear friend, Ashley, might have themed this sweet party pumpkins + roses, but for the Shove girls, the theme was more like food + babies, haha! Seriously, my girlies ate everything in sight! (E.V.’s personal favorite was the pink jelly beans; Cricket preferred the swirly pop.) In fact, they spent about 75% of the party eating –snacking on goldfish and cheese, lunching on PB&J, helping Ginny with her smash cake, licking frosting off their own cupcakes, and raiding the take-home treats. :)

The other part of the soiree was spent oohing and ahhing over Brite, the chubbiest bunny of a baby you ever did see. Seriously, my littles are OBSESSED with babies, and cuddling and holding Brite fulfilled their every hope and dream! At one point E.V. went up to Brite’s dad and asked, “Can I feel her?” Um, sure? (You can check out more of Brite and her considerably less chubbalubby sister, Marin, over at their sweet mommy’s blog.) Let’s just say that if Emma Vance and Cricket were allowed and able to use the computer, they’d be stalking her blog every. single. day.

Okay, enough about chowing down and chasing babies. Onto pics of this adorable event (mostly from my little’s POV). Happy birthday to Ginny, the littlest pumpkin around!

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Oh, and there was the obligatory puddle jumping at the end of the party by our adventurous little Kit!NO1_0400 NO1_0406 NO1_0410

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