Olive’s Big Day


Have you ever seen that Carter’s commercial? You know the one I’m talking about. The one with the little girl talking who says “that first night was a doozie?” Well, every time I see it I cry. (Pregnant or not.) Really, whomever wrote that got it spot on. Bravo.

I was getting a little weepy about that dang commercial tonight for what might seem like the oddest reason: Today we’re celebrating Olive’s 6TH BIRTHDAY! (And, yes, we know our dog’s actual birthdays and give them extra hugs and doggie ice cream on those days.) Ryan and I have this, um, voice that Olive “talks” in (which is either totally normal or totally crazy to you, depending on whether or not your dog as a “voice” too), and tonight my mind wandered to that Carter’s commercial and ran through the dialogue in Olive’s voice. Cue tears. Olive and Oscar have had a rough go at it lately between his mouth surgery and her never-healing paw sore (we’re now on Round Three of steroids/antibiotics), and it’s been hard to watch them suffer. In my heart, they’re like our kids, and even though Olive’s, um, “naturally voluptuous” physique would never work in Carter’s clothing ;), the sentiment shared in that commercial remains impacting. (I know, you think I’m a total weirdo by now, right? Oh, well.)  Although we’re hopeful that we have many, many years with Olive ahead of us, I still can’t believe she’s already six. That’s possibly half a dog life that we’ve already shared with her, and it’s gone by SO fast. It seems like yesterday she was just this little, rambunctious handful of a puppy happily curled up in my lap as we drove her home from south Georgia…sigh.

Happy birthday, Ollie Belle!


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