Our Trip to D.C. in Pictures


So, I feel as if I’m constantly trying to play catch up these days, but this week I actually have a valid excuse — we’ve been a traveling family (for once)!

This past weekend we took a few days and visited our friends, Joe and Danielle and their sweet girls Emerson and Isla James, in Virginia (i.e. D.C.). We’re so thankful to have such good friends to do life with, even if they’re a plane ride away, and the fact that our toddlers and our babies are so close in age makes doing life together even more necessary and awesome. This weekend that empathy was totally evident — with two nursing babies’ schedules, a sick toddler, a visit to the Natural History Museum with an extra dad in tow (due to the aforementioned nursing baby and sick toddler staying home), the excitement of playing with someone else’s toys, the constant book reading, the matching pajamas, the meltdowns and the subsequent copious amounts of Goldfish and Starbucks that were consumed…let’s just say that if we ever doubted that we were in the exact same stage of life, this past weekend confirmed that we are in this together and that we heart the Engert family! ;)

I’ll let the pictures tell the story of our visit (mostly because I’m so stinkin’ exhausted!), but I did want to mention that this marked Cricket’s first (and second, technically) flights ever, and she did stunningly! On the way there she was wide-eyed and bushy-tailed the whole flight but barely made a peep, and on the way home, she passed out as we took off and didn’t perk up until we touched down. (Success!)

Here’s a visual recap of our casual weekend in D.C.:

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