The Valentine’s Day that Ryan Cried at Preschool


Today was a busy one in the life of our little preschooler. Not only was it Valentine’s Day (since it falls on a non-school day this year), but it also happened to be Daddy Day and the last day of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Here’s the short of it:

Valentine’s Day: The planner in me put together E.V.’s little Valentine’s Day goody bags last week before we went to D.C., knowing that I’d be too busy this week. (Thanks, Past Talie! That was a HUGE help!) Too bad after I made them the preschool director sent out an email asking kids not to bring “stuff” and candy — only cards. Oops! Too bad! Already done. But I’m glad I did raid the Target dollar spot to put together E.V.’s valentines this year because she brought home a bag full of the cutest little goodies! Way to go, preschool moms! 

(Here’s a link to download our printable Tinker Bell valentine from last year…you know, in case you’re still looking for something easy for your kids’ class!)

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Teacher Appreciation: Let me begin by saying we LOVE Emma Vance’s teachers. Seriously, they are the absolute best. Our awesome room mom put together some fun treats for her teachers this week, but we wanted to send a little something especially from our family, so Emma Vance and I made these cute paper flowers from a kit I picked up at JoAnn’s. Super adorable, right?!? (And somehow they seemed perfect for a preschool teacher to me!) I had in mind to write something clever about how their impact was eternal…everlasting…never fading…or something like that, but my tired brain couldn’t land on the right words, so oh well! It’ll come to me in about a week! ;)


Daddy Day: Ryan left the house in a whirlwind this morning (since I usually take E.V. to school, it was a new and slightly stressful process to also get Dad out the door on time, haha!), so I was a bit worried that the craziness of the morning would mean his time at school wouldn’t be awesome. However, as soon as he walked in that classroom, he was in heaven. Truthfully, he said that the only thing Emma Vance did all day was play with play dough, but, well, that’s just E.V. for ya’! He Facetimed me on the way home, though, with happy tears in his eyes. E.V.’s teachers had helped her make a handprint with a little quote on the back as a takeaway gift, and when he opened it, my sappy husband cried…and then embarrassedly wiped away his tears with a “Damn you, Miss Charmie!” and a grin. ;) Leave it to a little girl to bring a man to tears!

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Overall, I’d say it was a good day to be two! Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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