Sunday’s Seven (Week 31)


214 / 365: Emma Vance is already an artist at heart!


215 / 365: Can’t leave her alone for a second. (I blame “Doc McStuffins Pet Vet” for this mess.)


216 / 365: While exploring the woods in our backyard, E.V. found a bird’s nest!


217 / 365: This morning we decorated a pillow to take to YiaYia, who isn’t feeling well. Cricket also decided to decorate herself. :P


218 / 365: We are poolaholics. All of us, including this chalk monster of mine.


219 / 365: The girls inspect animal pictures they received from a friend in the mail. (Yay for snail mail! Thanks @spygarden!)


220 / 365: Although both girls are excited about getting new classrooms for Promotion Sunday at church, E.V.’s upset that she doesn’t have as many items in her backpack as Cricket. #sisterprobz

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