Beyond the Pool




Most of our summer has been spent (surprise, surprise) at the pool. Emma Vance took a few lessons at the end of May, and ever since she’s been determined to become a strong swimmer. It’s been a bit nerve-wracking to let her struggle and learn, but it’s definitely paid off! She can swim the short length of the pool all alone, is jumping into the deep end without a second thought, and is loving playing with the big kids!

Other than being pool-bound, we’ve tried to keep ourselves busy around here (especially since we’ve had a bout of afternoon thunderstorms recently). I had big plans to do all sorts of adventurous things this summer, but life has gotten busy. So we’re enjoying the small things and soaking up the last bits of sunshine before heading back to school in a couple weeks.

Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to, including: watercolor painting (which meant Cricket sucking water off her paintbrush while E.V. worked on recreating a scene from “The Little Mermaid”), constructing a gingerbread White House with some friends (who told me all about their parents’ political opinions, haha!) and taking a nature walk in our own back yard (where E.V. discovered a bird’s nest).

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