Christmas Tree Lighting 2016 (More Folly than Jolly)


Each year our city’s Christmas Tree Lighting is one of our favorite events — and not to say that this year wasn’t, um,¬†memorable, but it was definitely more folly than jolly.

Imagine the most excited kids ever who have been waiting all week for this moment — and then imagine a four-year old nearly squished by a crowd of candy-cane grabbing kids (and no prize for her efforts until a kind soul helped us out post-candy-cane-throwing), a couple of panicked parents while their almost-squished kid was lost, an accidental bloody lip gifted from mom to littlest Shove, a child’s disappointment at a too-long line for face painting, a cash-only craft coveted by girl whose parents never carry paper money, an honest reaction from a kid who requested a candy cane balloon from an elf but got something that looked more like a red and white “n” and popped too soon…and rain. Lots and lots of rain. But, on the bright side, E.V. was enthralled by the performances and excited to run into school friends in the crowd. And the girls both got cookies and treats. So, overall, it was definitely not our favorite year, but a memorable one for sure!

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