Sunday’s Seven (Week 48)


333 / 365: They’re “curling” their hair with plastic clothespins. ;)


334 / 365: Off to see “Trolls” with Papadon, aka Grumpy Gramps. (E.V. was terrified the whole way through, then immediately declared that she “LOVED it” as soon as it was over and hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Go figure.)


335 / 365: Sneaking out for a special mommy-daughter morning, which means Starbucks “magically” had cake pops (which I have convinced the girls only happens on super special occasions, haha).


336 / 365: Cricket enjoys a visit from Miss Lissa while Ryan and I toured a potential school for E.V. next year! (How is she about to start kindergarten??)


337 / 365: Half done herself, half by the baby-sitter. Care to guess which hand is which? :D


338 / 365: Morning workout? Check.


339 / 365: Happy (crummy) Christmas Tree Lighting!

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