Cricket’s First Day of Preschool 3s!


Yay for school starting! Emma Vance went back THREE WEEKS ago, which means the past 21 days have been painful while waiting for preschool to start (why is entertaining one child so much harder than two?). Yesterday Cricket had her first gradual entry day of 3s at Northbrook, and today she went #momheaven

This year Cricket will be going four days a week, for four hours a day. It’s going to be a game changer, hopefully. With E.V. in school about one million hours a day, I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, like in just two short years I’ll have a semblance of freedom back. I have more things on my To-Do List than is realistic right now, but I’m eager to get started. Think: house projects, art projects, work projects, social excursions, exercise that’s not done at the crack of dawn, books to read, and — most of all — long, leisurely strolls at Target. And Home Goods. And Michael’s. Ahhh, that’s the life.

[Cricket’s first day outfit was pretty much 0% me, so credit goes to @stylinsophie for her ADORABLE hand-made ice cream leo (and hand-me-down necklace), to Cricket’s aunt and uncle for the glitterific pink tutu, and Joyfolie for her fancy kicks (which are her current fave).]

IMG_9518 IMG_9520 IMG_9523 IMG_9528 IMG_9531 IMG_9533 IMG_9539 IMG_9549 IMG_9556
IMG_9500 IMG_9505IMG_9584 IMG_9587 IMG_9589 IMG_9590 IMG_9593 IMG_9599 IMG_9602 IMG_9610 IMG_9612

Last week, before school started, we had a class playdate, and our awesome new teacher gave each child a new “pet” to keep in her classroom. Cricket chose a pig, naturally, because it was pink. Duh.

IMG_9365 IMG_9368

And then, today, on her first FULL day of school, we dropped E.V. off at 7:20, then wasted two hours eating our current favorite acai + pity bowl (which gave Cricket “fruit + veggie muscles,” a scheme I concocted that seems to be working) and doing her homework (a nature walk).

IMG_9753 IMG_9756 IMG_9757 IMG_9767

Now, only three more days until the WEEKEND!

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