E.V.’s Lullaby

We are very, very blessed to be surrounded by extremely talented people in our lives. It’s amazing to see those around us excel in the arts, in business, in life overall, and we are always thankful that we’re allowed to play a part in their journeys–and vice versa. 

When Emma Vance was born, I had this crazy idea that I wanted her to have her own lullaby–something she could fall asleep to every night, something that was hers. I wanted it to be a sort of anthem to her life, a song that would be written upon her heart, one that, in times of need, would remind her of the whimsical and ethereal childhood I hope to give her.

Ryan loved the idea, too, and we immediately knew just the composer to turn our thoughts into music: Davis Harwell is a ridiculously talented musician and an even better friend, and we couldn’t imagine a more perfect person to commission to write E.V. her very own lullaby.

The first time Ryan and I heard her song, we both teared up. It’s more than we could’ve ever hoped for, not that we would expect anything less from Davis. Thank you, friend, for impacting our little girl’s life in such a unique way, for using the gifts God’s given you for our benefit, and for your continued presence in our life. We will think of you each and every time we listen to this sweet melody as Emma Vance drifts to sleep.

“You Were Meant for Amazing Things (A Lullaby in the Key of E.V.)”

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  1. July 9, 2013 / 11:14 pm

    What a beautiful song.
    I can imagine it playing at her wedding one day :)

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