Ryan Dodges a Bullet Again (Cricket’s Four Month Dr Appt)


Somehow my Zack Morris of a husband has managed to miss out on on every single doctor’s appointment that includes vaccinations. In fact, this morning, as I was rushing around to get the girls ready to head over to the pediatrician’s office, Ryan was at my side, filling sippy cups and fastening car seats as I threw information at him: “I have to leave in 10 minutes. We can’t be late this morning. Grab E.V.’s water cup, will you? Oh, and her immunization forms for school. And Cricket’s blanket. The dogs have to go out. Let me grab my shoes. Our appointment’s at 9, so…

{grin comes across my face at the realization}

…Wait a minute! You’re HERE! You can come to Cricket’s four month appointment!!!”

Nope. I have a meeting this morning. 

But I thought that was TOMORROW morning?

It got moved…I moved it. To this morning. 

{insert devilish grin on my handsome husband’s face}

Two kids and two years later and Ryan still has managed to avoid seeing our poor, screaming children’s pain at receiving immunizations. I’m beginning to think this is no coincidence. ;)

So I was The Mom again today, holding sweet Cricket’s hands and receiving the look of horror and mistrust as the nurse shot up her legs in the name of immunity. Not that I mind them; over the past two years I’ve done a ton of research and have been very mindful with our vaccination choices and scheduling. However, with all of the advancements we’ve made in science, why in the world haven’t we figured out how to make them all oral? Or created one super shot? It sure would make us moms — and our kids — very happy. Or at least less miserable.

So that’s the big news from Cricket’s four month appointment. Other than that, she’s as strong as a horse, as happy as can be, right on track for growth and development — and has a rambunctious big sister who loves to be the center of attention even when it’s not her turn. :) But little Kit was a bit of a show-off herself, holding her head up the whole time, cooing on cue and standing up with strong legs for the doctor. (“She’s definitely ready for the exersaucer!“) As for her growth, her statistics are normalizing: She’s in the 55th percentile for height (24.5″, +1.75”), 65th for weight (14 lbs 8 oz, +2 lb 1 oz) and 85th for her head (42cm, + 2cm), leaving her average height, a little chubby and big-headed. Sounds like another little girl I know… :D


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