Visiting with Theresa


When your beloved grandmother lives eight hours away, it always feels as if the time between visits is too log, because, well, it is. However, when your grandmother’s dearest friend moves only eight minutes away, there’s cause for major celebration!

Of all the places in the world, my grandmother, Mrs. Emma Vance’s, long-time friend, Theresa could have moved, she managed to end up just down the road from Amityville. (But who doesn’t want to live near Amityville? ;) ) Her family is in the area, and it’s a coincidence that I’m glad for. Of course, since life has been so hectic since Cricket made her grand debut into the world, it’s taken a while for the dust to settle enough to be able to connect. This week, however, we managed to grab lunch with Theresa at E.V.’s favorite restaurant (Smokejack BBQ).

What a sweet and kind woman! Theresa came with all of her grand-maternal hugs, kisses and (of course) gifts, haha! Isn’t that the ultimate sign of a grandmother? We are so blessed to have her nearby and already can’t wait to see her again. And, perhaps, with pressure from both of us, we can convince my grandma to make a visit to Atlanta soon! (Fingers crossed!)

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